Assemblage Portfolio

Alter to a Wish

I save a wishbone and gather up some special objects that couldn’t be thrown away, add items found on a walk, place them all in a discarded and very rusty can and they become a small sculpture. The sum is greater than all the little parts.… Continue reading Alter to a Wish

Come West My Dear

The Jack of spades and queen of clubs cards were calling out for a love story complete with dangerous animals and rough terrain and questionable maps.… Continue reading Come West My Dear


Found Object Art – This rusted can is now an invitation to dinner. Made with a sardine can found in Baja, broken fork, pottery bits and bone. 2015… Continue reading Dine

Ritual Significance

Sometimes materials that I use come to me in what appears to be a magical fashion as if they do need to be combined and used in a ritual of some sort.… Continue reading Ritual Significance

Summer at the Cabin

Every summer we go up to a small cabin in CO and I count the days until we can be up there.… Continue reading Summer at the Cabin

Treasure Defined

I empty my pockets and find small things that were special or useful at one time. Together they tell a story of time and significance.… Continue reading Treasure Defined


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