Art Quilts Portfolio

A Whisper of Flight

This was a challenge quilt.  We were to pick seven different techniques and or embellishments from a list and include them a quilt.  In this I have included stenciling with glitter (after which I got rid of all my glitter, I hate the technique), buttons, ribbon, stenciling with paint, use of fabric other than cotton… Continue reading A Whisper of Flight

Abstract I

In my mind was a cliff face and on my table some cut up khaki shirts and hand dyed fabics and so it evolved and became itself as all pieces do.… Continue reading Abstract I

Almost Crazy

Many times my scraps dictate to me what they want to be. Some remain dormant for years and then decide they all want to live together in a slightly crazy way. … Continue reading Almost Crazy

Ghost Walk

This began with some hand painted fabrics and ended with two ghostly figures quilted into the white spaces.… Continue reading Ghost Walk

Home Before Dark

We have an Indian ruin near here called Tusigoot which was a hill town and I imagine it alive and full of people making dinner and ending their day. … Continue reading Home Before Dark

Life in the Desert

Living in the Southwest makes me so grateful for any water. It’s a beacon to all life here including myself.… Continue reading Life in the Desert

Silk Kimono

A beautiful silk tie I found at a thrift store was the beginning of this piece. It is what the kimono and the bottom panel are made of. The upper panel is a piece of silk from an actual old kimono.… Continue reading Silk Kimono

Ten of Cups

The ten of cups is a joyful card.… Continue reading Ten of Cups

Treasure Haiku

Small bit and pieces picked up on a walk showcased on a small strip quilt, a poem in ephemera.… Continue reading Treasure Haiku

Village Gardens

Some fabric scraps just take on a life of their own as did this. First came the houses, which called for gardens and then of course it needed gardeners and finally a sun.… Continue reading Village Gardens

Whisper of Flight

This was created in response to a challenge to use seven different techniques in a project.  I did some glitter stenciling, hand embroidery, button embellishment, stamping, and applique.  Piecing and the use of different fabrics also counted so I got all seven with the inclusion of silk.  It is heavily quilted with a variety of… Continue reading Whisper of Flight


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